Friday, May 23, 2008

Will summer break bring the normal malware influx?

Summer break is just around the corner and I started to ask myself if we would notice the normal influx of malware we used to see from students out on break in the not too distant past.

With large crime-ware groups operating most of the malware we see and hear about daily, it seems like we forgot about the so called “script kiddies” who used to bring so much burden to the anti-malware world at this time of year.

Last summer it seems like the script kiddies had dropped off the face of the planet, but maybe they were just over shadowed by all the hype and media attention that the RBN and Storm were drawing last year. I personally think that this was the case, they weren’t gone we just didn’t hear anything about them because they weren’t the huge impact they had been in the past. With thousands of new malwares being seen daily would the few extra hundred a week (or month) be really that noticeable in the overall picture.

I guess only time will tell, but look out for new malware to come out this summer!